Austenland Screening

Last night, Teress and I went to the Hellogiggles screening of Austenland! We both read the book, so we didn't go in with high hopes.

Earlier in the summer, Teress told me about a book signing with Lauren Graham. We both left the office too late, and I barely got in (standing room only at the back of the crowd) and Teress got shut out. So last night, we were determined to get into this screening, especially since I got an email saying they overbook them.

Needless to say, we left the office at 4:59, jumped on the F Train and were at the theater by 5:15. Where we promptly found out there the sign-in table didn't even open until 6:30. So to Katz's Deli we went!

Have you ever been to Katz's? I had not and neither had Teress, so we were total rookies. Luckily, there was a nice gentleman behind the counter who kept calling us "baby" who helped us out. We split the brisket sandwich and I ate just about that whole plate of pickles. I feel I would have enjoyed the experience more if I had gotten a knish? Overall though, it was a good dinner and ALERT its cash only!

At 6:15 we promptly returned to the theater to find out that they had already started checking people in! FEAR NOT we still got tickets. We were just about the happiest people in the world AND we somehow ended up in the front of the line walking in, so we got great seats!

Teress and I had spent the past two days at work talking about how incredible it would be if they gave us the totes that Kerri Russell is holding in the movie poster. We walked into the theater and there were the totes! We were so giddy, it was like someone had given us gold.

And guys...Teress' boyfriends' name is Darcy! Best day ever.

The movie was adorable! Totally cheesy and predictable, but it an adorably charming kind of way. It was a million times better than the book, and I highly recommend that you grab your girlfriends and go see it this weekend! Thanks to Teress for such a fun night!

Happy Weekend!

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