The Bridal Shower After Party

I'm sorry if this week is just a whole bunch of Bridal Shower posts, but it was such a fun day and I took about 9 trillion pictures.

After the party ended, my parents, inlaws and Bridal Party helped us load all of our gifts into three cars and drive them from Bay Ridge to Park Slope. And then they unloaded all the cars in what seemed like under 5 minutes. My Aunt Lau would like for me to tell you that if you are moving, you should hire my friend Ashley who my Aunt says is "incredibly efficient and focused!".

Dilly would like to say thanks for all the gifts too, because she has spent the last four days sitting all on sorts of boxes, gift bags and wrapping paper!

We all kind of stood around for a little bit, but then my parents and inlaws left and off we went to our favorite neighborhood bar, Commonwealth. We really love Commonwealth because they have great drinks, beer and shot specials AND free popcorn that you get yourself out of a popcorn cart. I don't think we'll ever move out of our house because we will never find another bar that we love this much. Is that dramatic? I don't think so.

Needless to say, things got silly pretty fast.

Can I just say again how surprised I was that Tammy flew all the way from California? I was so surprised.

On Saturday morning I woke up and was perusing Instagram (as you do) and I saw that apparently my friends Jared and Stephanie had gone out to dinner on Friday night? Where they ate macaroni and cake? And I wasn't invited. Like NO mention of the fact that they were having a meal together. I spent all morning trying to figure out why they could be mad at me. Had I not shown appropriate glee at Jared's return from his summer gig at a music camp upstate? Had I accidentally insulted Stephanie (we both tend to get word vomit if we drink a lot and we had gone to Happy Hour the week before).

Turns out, they went out to dinner with TAMMY on Friday night. Stephanie and Jared weren't made at me! Needless to say, I was relieved but I only got relieved after I saw Tammy in the crowd of people yelling "Surprise" and bursting into tears.

And these two. They are the same person? Like truly the same person but with opposite parts. Its really the strangest thing to witness. I would like to take this time to recommend that if you are moving, in addition to Ashley you should also hire Shannon and John because they are THE BEST at lifting things. You should NOT hire me and Becca because we just sit there. Seriously we provide zero support.

We were at the bar a long time! Longer than I planned on being there. It was light out...

And then suddenly my friend Moira told me she was going home to Pennsylvania (I hope she comes to Brooklyn all the time now that she realizes that its basically a straight shoot) and it was dark outside? Not like the sun was setting...full blown darkness.

Then I realized I was hungry and so was Becca. This is a picture of us before we realized we were hangry (hungry+angry because of hunger).

So we packed it up and headed to the diner. But not before I stopped a the bathroom and wrote this on the chalkboard wall on the way out. I don't want to talk about the germs on the chalk because I only realize NOW (sober) that it was probably a bad idea.

On the way to the diner, I told Shannon I'd give her $20 to get on the mechanical pony outside the diner. She did. I didn't give her $20. On the way home, I thought it would be funny to get on it myself. Then John put quarters in and it started to move. Below is the video of what happened. All that time where it sounds like I'm not laughing? I'm doing that terrible can't catch your breath laughing.

We were in bed by 10:30. Successful day, I'd say!

IMG 4895 from Kate Legnetti on Vimeo.

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