Amen Baby JESUS it is FRIDAY & Other Such Ramblings

Well friends, this miserable week has nearly come to an end!

This week has really been the pits. I have bought myself an iced coffee AND a lunch salad every day this week. I basically just laid as soon as I got home every night this week. Except for last night when I babysat at 8:00. I mean 8:30. I mean 8:45. I mean 9:15. Seriously, my start time got changed four times.

8:00 babysitting means I can rationalize to myself staying a little late at work and then hoofing it over to the NYU library to finish the syllabus for the class I start teaching on Tuesday. 9:15 start time means that by 8:05PM my eyes are bleeding in the library and I no longer want to read the Amistad Rebellion (not recommended for a group of transfer students to relate to their transition to a new school) or sit in the library anymore.

Word to parents who hire babysitters: keep me at a consistent start time. It doesn't matter that you paid me from 8:00. I could have gone home to see my cats in the four hours that work ended and you actually needed me to sit in your living room while your child slept. Goodness.

This weekend, John and I are headed to Albany to see his family! I think Dilly is starting to resent us because we always bring Mim on weekend trips but not her since she can get herself in and out of the litterbox. Though she might actually relish the silence and the lack of me chasing her around the house trying to cuddle her in my arms all the time. #catlady

Happy Labor Day Weekend to you and yours! Autumn, me and my cardigans can see you!

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