My Sister Wanted You to Know...

Alyssa feels that I did not do a sufficent job of blogging about all the fun we had while she was here in June. She wants you to know that we did many fun things which included brunch at Applewood AND taking our cousin Bridget on the subway...which is always an adventure!

I also took Alyssa on her very first trip to Fairway! She was confused when I explained to her that there was a deck with a view of the Statue of Liberty out back and she was even more confused when she saw it. "But this is a supermarket," she said. "Right. With a deck with a view! And they serve breakfast!"

"But don't we just need some snacks? Why do we need to sit on the deck?"

"Because we drove all the way to Red Hook Alyssa, so please enjoy the view for five minutes and then we will go get chips!"

We spent a whole day in the city with Bridget looking for my wedding shoes. Success was had times two at our final stop, Kate Spade, where I bought not one but two pairs of shoes. I was only going to get the heels, but Alyssa told me I needed the flats because "Its going to be a long day and a classy bride can never be barefoot". So to the register the flats went as well!

Bridget hates the subway...

We also watched a million episodes of Law and Order SVU and went out with Alyssa's friends who confirmed for me that I am old and cannot keep up 21 year old drinking patterns.

Come back soon, Alyssa!

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