Fallingwater Trip

This weekend Becca, Shannon, Stephanie and I made the very long trek to outside of Pittsburg to see Fallingwater. I decided back in May I wanted to go for my birthday trip and August was the first weekend we were able to schedule it, so off we went on Friday night!

Fallingwater was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright for the Kauffman family. They had a budget of $30,000 and ended up spending $150,000!

The house was absolutely incredible. They had a staircase in the living room that led directly into the stream below! You can see it in the picture below.

They don't let you take any pictures inside the house but I highly recommend going to see the desk with the cutout for the swing open windows! Also, the house is a great backdrop to take pretty pictures with your friends!

Two thumbs up, Fallingwater! Seriously though, Pittsburgh is so far from New York City. So, so far. Another post shall be forthcoming about all other sorts of silliness that happened on our trip!

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