A Conversation with My Aunt Lau

Last night, my Mom and Dad picked me up from my subway stop and took me out to dinner after they moved Alyssa into her dorm for her last year of college. When I found out they were coming, I called my Aunt Lau to see if she wanted to meet us, too.

My Aunts own their own business and are crazy busy doing something for a show they have coming up (I don't actually understand what they do). You should also know that my Aunt Lau has a GREAT office with the most comfortable couch in America. I fall asleep on it frequently, I am the best guest/niece/god-daughter in the WORLD!

This is how our conversation went:

Me: Hi Aunt Lau! What are you doing?
Aunt Lau: Laying down.
Me: OH! Do you want to meet me, Mommy and Daddy at La Villa for dinner in an hour?
Aunt Lau: I'm so busy!
Me: You just said you were laying down
Aunt Lau: I'll meet you there

Macaroni was had by all...except me because I've stopped eating carbs. Its been almost four weeks. I feel wonderful but seriously I ate chicken and broccoli at La Villa last night. It was one of the saddest nights of my life.

In other news: ITS THURSDAY maybe I will make it through this week? PS I love these highlighters from my Mom...The End.

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