Funkity, Funk, Funk, Funk!

You guys. I have been in the funkiest blog funk of all funks.

Work is hard this semester. My coworker/friend had a baby (what's shakin, Baby Violet? You are cute and I will squish your face this weekend) and is out until December. Needless to say, things are a little bit hectic at the office and when I get home, the thought of looking at my computer screen some more can make me homicidal.

But it is beautifully Autumn-y this week and I just gave Mim a bath with some vanilla scented shampoo so back on the blogging horse we go!

A ton of stuff has been going on in the past few weeks including my first dress fitting (holy shit we're really getting married), the Color Run with my cousins, The New York City Mayoral Primary AND the return of good television.

7 weeks til I'm a Mrs. friends...welcome back!

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