Philadelphia Flower Show Favorites Part I

A few weeks ago, I took Thursday and Friday off work and headed to Pennsylvania for the Philadelphia Flower Show! You might remember when my Mom and I took Philadelphia by storm last winter (here and here).

This year we decided not to sleep over in a hotel the night before, but that was a TOTAL mistake, because when we woke up on Friday morning ready to go, it was snowing. We thought for a solid five hours that we weren't going to be able to go, but at 2:30PM I made us get in the car and I drove us to Philadelphia. It might even be how we do it next year because by the time we got there, it was significantly less crowded (I think the elderly all left to make their dinner reservations).

The theme this year was Great Britain which we liked way more than last year's theme of Hawaii. There were way less things to see this year, but a vendor told us it was because people complained that there wasn't enough room to walk around last year. Walkers take up a lot of room, you guys (seriously, so many elderly people!).

Anyway, here is Part I of who knows how many parts dedicated to the Flower Show. I can't even talk to you guys about miniature landscape design, because there was none this year. More on that later, but needless to say I was MORE than upset and seriously considered writing an email to the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (no I'm not kidding).

This is what you saw as soon as you waked it!

Let's talk about how much I want giant flower pots at our wedding...

You know how much I love tulips!

More tomorrow, get excited!

Happy Monday! 

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