In Which I Make a Dinner Recommendation

This is not a food blog. I do not cook delicious things (yet people, I believe that my wife-dom will bring with it instant cooking skills?), I do not shop at fancy grocery stores, I do not bake (have I mentioned our oven still doesn't work?).

I do however live in the restaurant capitol of the world and sometimes a place is so good I am morally obligated to tell you about it. You cannot tell my Aunt or her family that I'm telling you about it though because they will be upset that you are all taking tables away from mums the word!

Queen Italian Restaurant 
84 Court Street
Brooklyn, New York 11201

Fiance and I went here over the weekend with both of our soon-to-be-in-laws (my parents, his Mom and her husband and his Aunt and Uncle!) and it was lovely! These are some of the things we ate...

You should know that I took all of these pictures to send to my Uncle with the word Muhahaha attached to each one. Because he loves it here but has a new baby and babies don't like Italian food I guess? But they do like Mexican because we ate that on Sunday in a restaurant and he was great! Babies sure are particular!

Anyway let's wrap this up in a Yelp-ey way, shall we?

Good for groups? YES
Takes reservations? YES
How many dollars will this cost me? $$$ (I think? A perk of going out with soon-to-be-in-laws is that the kids are never allowed to pay...thanks, guys!)
Should I have the artichoke as an appetizer? YES and for the love of god conserve the bread because you are going to want to dip it in your bowl when it is over

The End.

But really I'll meet you there, OK? 

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