In Which I Became a Gambler

Last week I took three days off (we'll ignore the fact that this is my busiest time of year) and went to Atlantic City with my Mom, sister and Aunt Lau! We had so much fun!

We stayed at the Borgata (my favorite) and the BEST thing about the Borgata is that you can basically stay in the hotel the entire duration of your trip. You never have to leave! You won't see sunlight for three days, but whatever, there are slot machines and they pump in that fake oxygen! You'll see sunlight upon your departure, fear not.

Here are some pictures to summarize our trip!

This is what happens when you leave your phone in the bathroom with Alyssa.

My Mom got an iPhone so now there are a million pictures of me and Alyssa, everywhere we go. It is fantastic!

We ate my favorite chopped salad at Forneletto! I took a picture of it because it is Fiance's favorite, too so I sent it to him. Sorry I didn't bring any home.

Hold onto your hat for the next one you guys because it is TOO MUCH FUN.

That is me crocheting a baby blanket in the lobby! That is what happens when you get a surprise baby cousin. You have ZERO time to prepare appropriate crocheted gifts and you must crochet on vacation to make up lost time. Sorry for being a dork but you are welcome baby Jonathan!

And then we went out to dinner again and took more pictures!

Yes, I am holding Game of Thrones in the next picture on the way to dinner. Yes I am still reading it. Yes I love it. Yes I read it in the lobby of the hotel. The dorkdum on this trip was unparalleled.

BUT THEN you guys I played the slot machines!

And I won $130 on a 2 cent slot machine! It had a creepy devil on it, which I hated but it played fun music every time I won money, which I loved. I am officially a gambler. Whoops.

The morning we left, we went out to breakfast and then we found the BEST slot machine ever. Outback Jack. I couldn't even take a picture of it because we had so much fun playing it. We were yelling and laughing at the kangaroos on the screen SO MUCH that people were staring. And my Mom only won $80! An old man next to us won $146 and was completely silent. Sir! That is a lot of dollars AND there's a fun little show on the screen before you got that money! Let loose! Or maybe we are happy idiots? Either way, we had tons of fun and embarrassed ourselves a lot.

I think we are going to go back in December when Alyssa turns 21. She wants nothing more than to press the button on the slot machines, but did you know you have to be 21 to gamble in New Jersey? Once when I was in college my family and my Aunts went and Alyssa almost got pinched! She must have been 16 and whoops she was playing the slots. Bad news, you guys. But in December she will be able to gamble and NOT get arrested! And even have a beer while she gambles! Everyone wins (especially the hotel because apparently the house always wins? So said my Grandfather).

Also in case you were wondering this is what we look like before we check out of a hotel. Mom and the iPhone, man...she is like the paparazzi!

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