My First Trip to Massachusetts-Hands for Hope

I totally forgot how insane the end of August is at work. Maybe because last year was my first go-around and I didn't really know what I was doing but I don't remember it being nearly this nuts. Work being nuts really cuts into my blogging time as my computer is still broken and no lunch break is being taken at work to fill you guys in on my life.

Also when I get home I accidentally fall asleep on the couch? So I can't even use Fiance's computer. It is a bad situation not only for this blog but also for my hair which yesterday found its customary "work is insane" position of on top of my head with a pen in it. My friends from college/graduate school know this style well and dare I say it, I think its my most attractive state.

All of that was just to tell you that I'm sorry for being a blogging fail. I'll try harder but guys...September seems like eight months away at this point and not three measly weeks. Wish me luck!

In any event, I went to Massasachusetts this weekend. And Rhode Island but only for a minute while Stephanie tried to take me to get my eyebrows threaded but forgot how to get there so we went home. However I did get an excellent tour of Brown/RISD while listening to One Direction! Also I didn't want to tell Stephanie that I actually wasn't going to get by eyebrows threaded because it terrifies me. Really and truly more than scalding hot wax. Its probably better that we got lost and had to go home because otherwise I would have embarrassed myself and cried like a baby.

I would also like all of my previous driving companions to know that I was an excellent co-pilot! I helped Stephanie eat a cheeseburger and I also did not fall asleep until we were about 45 minutes from her house. And even then I don't think I really even snored. You're welcome, Stephanie!

Here are some pictures from our weekend! See what we walked for here!

Becca helped with some set up!

We wore some pretty awesome t shirts!

Becca and I peed in a porta-potty. I was not excited.

I got a million compliments on my sneakers. Seriously, people of Massachusetts you are really nice!

We took some cute pictures! Stephanie, seriously though the only picture of the three of us is the one your Mom took?

And finally, Stephanie broke out her Massachusetts alter-ego. Name pending, opinions welcome.

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