Friday's Letters

Dear 7th Avenue Nails in Park Slope, why does your nail polish chip so easily? My nails chipped two days after my manicure the past two times and yesterday after 6 days all the polish on my big toe fell right off! Sorry but I don't think I'll be seeing you anymore. Also you're welcome blog readers that there are no feet pictures!

Dear Game of Thrones, I think I'm liking you! I'm not liking however that I accidentally ordered the gigantic paperback version and not the little one that I see everyone on the subway reading. I couldn't get the Kindle version of you since these are my August through October books for me and Ashley's book exchange. You are one heavy bitch and standing up plus holding on is a difficult situation. Geeze.

Dear Linzer Tarts, why did I give you away to Uncle Lenny and Aunt Cristina?

Dear Straw Holder, Mommy gave you to me as a present a whole week ago but I STILL love looking at you! You are great and beautiful!

Dear Baby Jonathan,whoops sorry I hogged you on Sunday. Also sorry I cannot get you to burp (what gives, kid?). Also, why do you open your eyes only after your Dad puts you in the car seat to go home? Seriously I held you for like two hours and you were asleep the entire time. My feelings would be hurt except that when you are asleep I can kiss your mushy head one million times and you don't even care so I guess we can call it even.

Dear Hawk, I finally saw you! Thank you for not eating a rat/squirrel/other rodent in front of me!

Dear Loft, why  must you have 40% off sales?

Dear Friends, I love this picture of us.

Dear Dilly, Friday's Letters just isn't complete unless there is a picture of you! What are you doing here and how are you comfortable? 

Happy weekend to YOU! I am off to Massachusetts for the weekend and Stephanie and I are going to be in the car tonight for at least three hours. Two things could happen: either we will yell and laugh the whole way OR I will fall asleep. Its honestly a toss up at this point.

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