Birthday in Brooklyn

Friday was my Dad's Birthday! Because this is a blog and because I am a great daughter I will not tell you how old he turned. I will tell you however that our normal birthday schedule of home in Pennsylvania-ness got all wonky because my sister and I ran the color run on Saturday. So my Dad, Mom and Alyssa came to Brooklyn and we went to the best restaurant ever, Queen, for dinner. Any my Aunt Lau and Fiance came, too! it was great!

After the run on Saturday, me and Alyssa drove home and we continued the birthday festivities! Whenever its one of our birthdays, my sister makes us a cake because she is a great baker and not afraid of the oven (guys I maintain that you could fall in there).

She made pineapple upside down cake and ummm it was delicious. Then, we commenced normal birthday picture taking.

The goofy pictures have really been stepped since we got a puppy!

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