Weekend Wrap-Up

This weekend Fiance and I went to my parents' because Fiance had to buy a new car and my Dad took him. Car shopping is one of my least favorite things and Fiance is the WORST decision maker (restaurants can be a real problem) so I was beyond thrilled when my Dad said he would go with him! Great Dad, thanks I will just do fun things with Mommy and Alyssa all day! You have fun at the car dealership(s)!

We went to IHop! And now that my Mom has an iPhone she takes pictures of us basically everywhere, which is surprisingly helpful for blog purposes! 

Then we went to Bath and Body Works. Stephanie told me last weekend that she thinks a lot of the smells there are made for promiscuous twelve year olds and sometimes I have to agree. HOWEVER have you used the Eucalyptus and Spearmint products? I love, love, love all of them and I don't even think they smell like they are for (promiscuous) children!

Also, everything in the store seems to be on sale? I don't hate it. 

They discontinued Alyssa's favorite scent, which she apparently sprays in her hair? To attract men? I don't really know...but picking a new hair fragrance was not easy, guys. 

Then we went to the bank and to CVS but since neither of those things were very fun, I have no pictures. When we got home, I accidentally took a nap (surprise) and then John and my Dad came home with a new car! It has a sunroof! I am in love.

Then Fiance took me for a ride in his new car and we went to Target...do I want these things you guys?

We had fajitas for dinner and my Mom got to use her Mother's Day gift from Fiance. Fiance loves fajitas and my Mom makes them for him all the time. But Fiance says that when we eat fajitas there are too many bowls on the table so for Mother's Day he got my Mom this muffin pan from Anthropologie. Not for muffins, guys, for fajita accessories!

After dinner, we played a pretty aggressive game called Bohnanza that Fiance and I played a few months ago and Fiance's brother's house. Fiance had to explain all the instructions to my Mom and Alyssa and Alyssa didn't really understand...yet she ended up wining the first round? Also apparently we are a family who drinks beer now...not sure when that happened.

 Fiance won the second round but only by one card. He was still pretty pleased with himself.
On Sunday morning we accidentally slept forever and then we ate breakfast and me and my Mom went to AC Moore. I needed some yarn (because I always need yarn) to whip Fiance and I up some scarves before Iceland. HAVE I MENTIONED WE ARE LEAVING IN LESS THAN ONE MONTH? I know I mentioned the fact that we were going once months ago, but it appears I haven't spoken about it since. WE ARE GOING AND IT MIGHT BE COLD hence scarves.

Did I also mention that now I needlepoint? Well I do so obviously we had to stop in the needlepoint aisle. This is what I found. Who wants it for their home? SPEAK NOW because I am only making one of these bad boys.

Don't worry, I didn't actually buy it.
Its going to be a busy week around these parts, guys. Tomorrow I am going to Atlantic City until Thursday! And then Friday is my Dad's birthday and we are going out to dinner in Brooklyn AND THEN on Saturday I am running the Color Run. I am so nervous I don't even want to talk about it.

This post was longer than I intended. Happy Monday morning, it is NOT one million degrees in New York, enjoy the weather!

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