You Could Actually Die in Prospect Park

Sorry for the silence here friends...seriously my computer is not looking much better than my last post. No computer makes blogging h-a-r-d!

Anyway this weekend my soon-to-be-inlaws came for the weekend! We had lots of fun except that on Saturday we almost died in Prospect Park. I am not even exaggerating one bit. Fiance and I thought it would be a fantastic idea to walk from our house through Prospect Park to the Zoo (located in the park but on the other side). I cannot even tell you the amounts of lost we got.

We asked these chipper girls on bicycles how to get there and they pointed and told us to go left. There was literally a sign behind them pointing right that said "Zoo!' that we ignored. Why did we do that? I have no answer but I will tell you that if three girls in spandex tell you how to get somewhere and there is a sign telling you exactly the opposite IGNORE the spandex and walk toward the sign.

In any case after 90 minutes of walking in 95 degree heat with 100% humidity (not pretty) we finally arrived at the zoo and I took these lovely pictures! Just so you know if you go to the Prospect Park Zoo you should bring at least one toddler because otherwise you will look wholly out of place as they run around everywhere! 

On our walk BEFORE we got terribly lost

How gross do we look, guys? Did I mention how hot it was?

Prospect Park you get a B+ but only because you have no clearly marked directions in the park! Otherwise, I'd say an A!

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