Six Years Ago Today & My Bachelorette Party

Six years ago tonight, John and I went on our very first date to a Brazilian restaurant that he picked. He wore a tie and a new sweater and I wore these shoes that I loved that made me slip as we were walking to our table and this adorable grey pull over sweater that I have since lost and a borrowed necklace from Stephenie. I even got flowers. It was the lovliest.

Tonight, John is going to our friend Dave's house in Connecticut because tomorrow morning our home is being taken over by bridesmaids and friends for my Bachelorette Party. Did you know that Bachelorette is not a recognized word? Blogger and Microsoft Word keep asking me if I mean Bachelor!

I have been instructed that when I go to sleep tonight, I will not be allowed in the downstairs of my home again until 11:00AM at which point we will be leaving for some sort of activity to which I should be wearing leggings and a top (so says my sister). This it an email I got from Becca last weekend:

Then yesterday I got a gchat from Becca at work asking what Mim's morning routine is. I told her it didn't matter because I could just deal with it before they got there. She told me she is arriving at 8:00AM (so early!).

I told her I would write her a detailed email. Seriously, this is the email I sent to all of them.

Dear Friends,

Per Becca's request, I am sending this email RE: Mim's Morning Routine as apparently I am not allowed in the downstairs of my home from 8AM until 11AM when I will be "lead to my doom" (says Becca). 

  • Mim eats one full heart measuring cup (yes my measuring cups are hearts) of dry food. The measuring cup is in the bag of food, which is located in the cabinet to the left of the sink (bottom). If I remember, I will leave it out the night before.
  • Please add approximately 7-10 seconds worth of warm tap water to her bowl. Its going to look like a lot of water...don't worry, that's how she likes it. If she needs to be out of the living room, she can also eat on the rug by the back door, she just can't do slippery surfaces while eating! 
    • She'll start meowing when she has to go, but its usually safe to put her in like 30-45 minutes after she eats...she'll let you know if she needs to go sooner. The litterbox will be totally cleaned with new litter by John tomorrow morning. 
    • You basically just lay her in the box, with her head toward the bookshelf. Hold her neck while you put her in, because sometimes her head bobs a lot and then she gets litter in her eye, which is the worst because then you have to flush it out in the sink. If that happens, just bring her upstairs to me and I'll deal with it in the bathroom. 
    • And then you just leave her in. Sometimes it takes her a few minutes to get started. You kind of have to watch her while she pees and maybe fling some littler on it while she goes so that it does roll back into her butt fur (seriously, my life).
    • If she needs to poop, she'll start digging her arms. Just watch to make sure no poop gets on her (sorry, I know). Again, if she makes a mess, just run her up to me and I will deal with her! 
I think that's it? If there are any problems, I can give you directions verbally (i.e. yelling) from upstairs while still not seeing anything you're all doing. 

The Bride

I am a crazy cat lady. Dilly won't even want to eat breakfast that morning because she will be in bed with me since John is away...allergies be damned, John (I will change the sheets before you get home)!

Wish me luck!

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