We Are Getting Married in 12 Days and This Blog is CLOSED, CLOSED, CLOSED

Friends, after two and a half years of planning we are in the final stretch of wedding planning! Dilly and Mim are sufficiently thrilled that they will no longer be the children of a sinful household and I have called my mother no less than eight times today about my shoes, flowers, timeline and Etsy purchases respectively.

All of this to say YES my Bachelorette Party was wonderful (see below photo), YES my Aunt/Godmother is turning 50 this weekend and we are going to Atlantic City to party and YES I am beyond thrilled to be marrying the love of my life.

This is also to say that while I love you (and this blog) I do not have the capacity to blog until after the wedding. I just can't do it! I have a To Do list that is making me anxious and I am having the MOST vivid nightmares.

When I was in college, I used to always say that things made me nervous. I said it so much, that my friend Jay (who is a groomsman!) used to say "I think when you were a kid, someone told you that happy meant nervous". And so, I am nervous, nervous, nervous. I cannot wait to share everything with you after I am a MRS!

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