Five Weeks Weekend!

Five weeks until our wedding and this weekend was the last one until November 9th that isn't packed to the brim with pre-scheduled activities!

We had friends stay with us this weekend (thanks for coming, Tim and Julia!) and we had such a nice time! On Saturday, we went to Queens to get the girls' dresses fitted. The dresses look so nice, and I'm so excited to see the girls in them the day of the wedding!

On the drive home, Ashley sat in the front seat to help me navigate home because Stephanie had proven herself a nervous co-navigator and a nervous parker on the way there. Despite my high hopes for Ashley, she proved herself a worse co-navigator as we ENDED UP IN MANHATTAN. Seriously. We went right over the Williamsburg Bridge and suddenly we were in the Lower East Side.

Screaming and laughing ensued when we realized what was happening, along with my frantic instructions to Ashely to get the EZPass our of the center console. Note to you all, you do not pay going over the Williamsburg Bridge OR the Manhattan Bridge, which we went over to get back to Brooklyn.

Ashley and Stephanie both seriously thought I was going to let them get out of the car in Manhattan to get themselves back to Queens and Jersey City. No, I am not letting you out so I have to navigate myself home! They're both out of the wedding, so I'm looking for two new bridesmaid's to tag in (I'm just kidding, but seriously they are terrible co-pilots).

After the dress fitting I went to Nanny's house to have dinner with my parents. Also, I made Holly pants out of my scarf because I feel her butt hole is too exposed. Also YES she is standing on the counter.

On Saturday night we went to our friend Jon's apartment in Long Island City for Game Night! I don't usually participate in Game Night because they usually hold it on Sunday nights (I don't like to do anything but get ready for the upcoming week on Sundays) so everyone was super surprised to see me there!

You should all know though that I kept up my reputation as able to fall asleep anywhere when I opted out of the second game and fell sleep on Jon's couch. I should be embarrassed but really, I am not.

Yesterday we headed to Williamsburg to the Brooklyn Flea!

There were about a million things I wanted to buy. AND we found a slightly creepy playground on the way out!

Hope your weekend was lovely! 

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