Houston, We Have a Marriage License!

Last weekend, John and I went to Pennsylvania for four full days of wedding preparation.

Our first stop (after dropping Mim off at her Nanny's house) was the courthouse to get a marriage license. Let's talk about the marriage license, shall we? Namely the fact that I forgot we needed one until about a month ago when I woke up in a cold sweat  basically screaming "MARRIAGE LICENSE!". Wouldn't it have been a kicker if we had gone through nearly three years of engagement, only to not be married?

Obviously as soon as we got in the car I made John take a selfie with me to commemorate the occasion! Doesn't he look thrilled? This is the face of a man who knows that for the next 50-70 years (depending on scientific advancements) I will be taking selfies of us. You're welcome, John!

I thought the paperwork to get a marriage license was going to be way more intense than it actually was. My friend Marni is getting married two weeks before us in New York, and told me they needed their birth certificates. Not in Pennsylvania! All we needed were our driver's licenses and $80 in cash. Only cash. They will not take check or credit card...marriage licenses are a cash only business.

You should also know that there is no paperwork to fill out when you get a marriage license.

No, no, an older woman reads you the questions, you answer them out loud and she types your answers in. Type may be an exaggeration. Really, she pecks them in letter by letter with her pointer fingers while you sit there with other soon-to-be married couples (who you are silently judging if you're me. If you're John you're only thinking nice, kind thoughts about them).

30 minutes later we were legal! T-minus four weeks!

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