And A New Kitten Makes Four

I know, I know, I KNOW!

Its 2013 and I have posted exactly zero times. I know this in part because my good friend Becca has been hazing me on Facebook but also because of the ache in my heart from missing all of you.

I have a perfectly good explanation for not writing in so long. Namely Christmas, New Years, my general laziness over the holiday break and also we got a new kitten.

You heard me. A baby cat. In our house. Which already had one cat (Dilly) living in it.

Friends, meet Mimosa! Mim for short, Megan if you are my friend Becca (who is playing heavily in this post already).

Mim has a mild to moderate case of Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH) which means that her cerebellum wasn't completely formed when she was born. Basically this means that she is uncoordinated and is a little wobbly when she walks. She's extra wobbly when she is particularly excited (read: all the time because she is the happiest, most excited kitten that ever lived). She also walks on her back legs like they are skies and she loves to be held and whines like a baby if you don't pick her up. Dilly has meowed three times since we've had her and all three times where because I sat/stepped on her, so needless to say Mim's voice has taken some getting used to!

Also you can now assume that we're weird cat people because we have a three legged cat and a wobbly cat. Judge away.

An important fact to know about our adoption of Mim is that John wasn't home when we decided to get her. He was away for the weekend and two of my best friends, Stephanie and Becca (again, Becca) came with me to meet her. I had no intention of taking her home that day without John meeting her first, but I couldn't leave without her. So I, one of the most nervous people in the world, adopted a kitten alone and just hoped that it would work out.

And so far it has. Mim spent her first few days in our house in our guest bedroom except for the times when I could lock Dilly in our bedroom and rub Mim all over everything downstairs so her smell could get everywhere. This Monday we finally left them alone while we were at work and when I came home Monday night they were both still alive! That is not to say that Dilly hasn't hissed, smacked or pinned Mim over the past 12 days because she has...a lot. But last night we had a major breakthrough when Mim walked behind Dilly to the food bowls and Dilly didn't care! She turned around to look at Mim and Mim flung herself on the group preemptively because that is usually how their encounters near the food bowls go.I think she is catching on!

They don't love each other, but I'm hoping we'll get there soon. Any tips on how to make them lovey sisters faster would be greatly appreciated!

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