Bloggy Realness: Being an Adult is Time Consuming!

Guys, seriously you are all lovely and wonderful. Thank you so, so much for the Gchats/texts/phone calls/emails after my last post. They were all much appreciated and made the past few days a little brighter.

Continuing with the theme of last week of bloggy realness, I would like to tell you that being an adult is very time consuming! Specifically, lunch preparation for the week, specifically cutting melons.

My Mom can cut a cantaloupe and put perfectly uniform pieces in a tupperware in three minutes flat. Slice, scoop, slice, slice, slice, DONE! Perfectly cut melon for you to take to graduate school for lunch.

My parents came to Brooklyn yesterday and stopped at a farm stand in New Jersey on the way (because what else would you do on the way to the hospital, guys?). My Mom bought two cantaloupes and two honeydew melons. One of each for me and Fiance, and one one of each for her and my Dad and sister. She is the BEST except whoops, seriously I have never cut a melon before.

Sure, Fiance and I bought one once last year, but it definitely sat in my fruit bowl until it went rotten because I literally could not work up the courage to face it (in my previous kitchen that literally had no counter room for melon cutting). But last night, I looked those melons in the eye, stood at my gigantic counter with the wood cutting board (which came with my house, thank you very much) and I murdered those melons.

Guys, it took me thirty minutes to cut two melons. And seriously, I was covered and there were melon remnants all over my counter. But I think I made one giant step toward adulthood (we'll ignore the fact that I didn't actually buy the melons).

Thanks, Mom! 

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