I Am Too Short to Grocery Shop in Brooklyn

This post is pretty self explanatory.

Last night, Fiance and I had date night at the grocery store. Guys I know HOLD ONTO YOUR HATS WE ARE SO EXCITING. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that my grocery store is made for tall people.

See that Crystal Lite up there? That is what I needed! Do people in Brooklyn not drink Crystal Lite? It was even too tall for Fiance to get and we had to ask an employee with a ladder to get it for us.

 I understand that space is at a premium over here Key Food, but seriously.

Also, our grocery store has those carts that Whole Foods has! I don't like them at all, but Fiance isn't opposed to wheeling them around the store, so I guess it all works out. I think the picture below really illustrates the shelf height but in case it doesn't, you should know that Fiance is six feet tall. Which means those shelves are too high for almost all people!

Let's think of some more romantic Monday night dates for me and Fiance, OK? Suggestions greatly appreciated, thanks!

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