An Ode to My New Running Shoes

I got some kick-ass new running shoes from my Aunts for my birthday. They are a million bright colors. AND parts of them glow in the dark AND they weigh basically nothing compared to the non-running sneakers I was running in previously.

But you guys WHY is it so hot? Is feels like the humidity is 100% at all times in NYC and it might be making me homicidal. Not to mention a really grouchy/inefficient runner. 

I was pounding out almost three and a half miles before work two weeks ago and now I'm lucky if I'm swinging half of that because the air feels like soup. I am a sweaty mess. I feel a little nauseous? Not even Carly Rae or Kelly Clarkson can pull me out of my grouchy running funk! I am a mess. 

But sometimes I feel almost as accomplished as when I run the three and a half miles because it is before work and I am this sweaty and not still asleep! But other times I feel like a running failure? Because WHY is the weather sabotaging me and is it actually the weather or were those weeks of three plus runs a fluke?

I am unsure. However at least I am doing potentially awesome potentially sub-par running in style. NYC summer weather please get it together because I am running a 5k in a month and I would like to not embarrass myself, thank you.

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