The End of My Book Moratorium

Reading 100 books in 365 days is a lot of work. When you decide you're going to attempt such a feat (and announce it to your loyal blog followers) you think its a great idea!

You think to yourself "I love to read AND I have a Kindle AND I love that I have no homework because I am no longer in grad school (will this ever get old?) AND I have to read all the books I want to read now before I am in grad school again (anxiety, doctorate say what?) THIS IS THE BEST IDEA I'VE EVER HAD!"

But then you get to book #25 and you hit a wall. A wall that involves a window seat on the Long Island Railroad and a running routine four nights a week at 8:00PM, you tend to fall asleep on the train. And you are asleep at 10:00PM? Meaning that your reading time is cut to zero and then its five weeks later and you have read NOTHING but are plenty caught up on all of your podcasts, television shows, blogs and current national and pop news, NONE of which has anything to do with your New Years Resolution to read 100 books.

BUT THEN you take a week off for your 25th birthday (best idea ever) and your Fiance gets you a brand spanking new Kindle Fire! And you're at your parents' house (which has a patio) and then your Aunts' house (which has a pool) and before you know it, you are back in your reading grove! So bloggy friends, without further ado I present to you: The End of My Book Moratorium, Books #26-30. 

Read this book! Recommendation courtesy of my bloggy friend, Lauren and holy goodness she was so right! Read it right now, it will make you wonder why you've spent so many years not pretending to be a Rockefeller. 

Domestic Violets was meh. Its about this guy who works at a company he hates during the 2008 financial crash...his Dad is a famous author, he wants to be an get the idea. It was kind of whiny BUT my friend Jimmy, who works in advertising (who also read this book), taught me a lot of extra advertising jargon that the protagonist in this book could have used. Like "net, net", which I use all the time now. For instance "This post is a summary of a lot of books I read NET NET you should not read this one because it wasn't great." See? I am a natural. 

The Darlings was also about the financial crisis but was about a family behind a ponzi scheme and not the little guy in Domestic Violets. Its getting an extra star because its set in Manhattan which is my absolute favorite but I spent the whole book waiting for something big to happen and it never did, so three stars it is. 

Obviously the new Joan Rivers book is hilarious. I love her and I highly recommend I Hate Everyone unless you are easily offended.

How Can I Talk If My Lips Don't Move was really an incredible book. As someone who works in Teacher Education I think the book should be mandatory reading for all aspiring teachers but I think that its totally a valuable read for everyone. There is something so incredible to me about that fact that Tito can't speak verbally but that his words reach thousands of people through his books. Read it, read it, read it!

So there you have it, folks. Books #26-30. I'm thinking 100 books isn't totally realistic by December but I'll be keeping you posted on my progress!

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