In Which Dilly Wants to Be A Runaway

Just some pictures from our very first barbeque yesterday!

Shannon is basically a professional chef. Please note those skewers! 

Fiance learned how to make delicious mojitos! I don't even like mojitos and these were so tasty! Also when you send Becca, Stephanie and Fiance to the supermarket you inevitably get potato chips and onion dip (please see photo evidence of previous vacations to Puerto Rico). 

Our grill masters for the evening...

Becca had too many mojitos. This is my impression of Becca's "too many drinks" face. 

Dinner! And a very glamorous Stephanie! 

WHOOPS! Becca dropped her dinner on the ground. 

ALSO Dilly loves to be outside, specifically she likes to eat leaves? Like a lot. I was nervous that she was going to throw up but after eating a lot of leaves, she didn't even gag! She is a BAMF but if she thinks she is going to be a runway, she is sorely mistaken.

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