Two Weeks Off!

Tomorrow starts two weeks of no work for me! Two whole weeks!

My Mom is picking me up tomorrow afternoon (hooray!) and taking me to Pennsylvania. Once I arrive in Pennsylvania, I plan on reading a lot of books, crocheting a lot of scarves and teaching myself to cross stitch. Big plans, I know!

I also plan to get back to blogging (it seems that I did a lot in the four weeks that I fell off the blogging wagon) and we are going to Connecticut next week for the house tour!

The house tour is basically an entire afternoon of going in to strangers' fancy houses and poking around! It is the best and always reinforces my desire for stainless steel appliances and a farmhouse sink. I am actually 50 years old, I've fooled you all for more than a year!

I hope you have a lovely week even if you're not on vacation!

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