So Much Yarn...

In November I joined a group of Administrators at my job called the Naughty Knitters.

You read correctly, I am in a group called the Naughty Knitters even though I only crochet. I used to knit, but it takes too long. And did you know that if you mess up in knitting you have to knit backwards to fix it? In crocheting you just rip out the stitches and fix them...its much more my speed. Anyway, the University gives us money for yarn and supplies and we knit for charity!

From November to June we've been working on baby blankets for an organization in New York City that helps mothers in need. I made six baby blankets and I have to say they got better with each one. The group as a whole made 135 baby blankets! It was a really cool afternoon.

Now that baby blanket season is over, we've started working on scarves! I've made two so far and I'm almost done with number three! I love, love, love to crochet and I love it even more that people who need some warmth get what I make. I try hard to think good thoughts while I crochet and like to think that it makes the blanket and scarves extra warm and cozy!

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