Something I Forgot I Did: Fuerza Bruta

During my blogging hiatus, Becca, Shannon and I went to Fuerza Bruta!

Fuerza Bruta is this super strange participatory show in Union Square (I think the theater used to be a bank?). I think its a good thing I've waited so long to write about it though, because I couldn't decide how I felt about it after we left. I've had some time to think about it though, so I feel adequately prepared to review it for you.

When you walk into the theater, a voice tells you that at points of the show you're going to be asked to "move with the sets." At that point I looked at Becca and said "I'm definitely not going to like this". There was also noises that sounded like gun shots (not my fave in a dark room filled with people) and flashing lights. Epileptics beware (no, seriously I wouldn't recommend it).

There was no dialogue during the show, though from what I gathered from the dancing and yelling the plot was about young people in a fast moving world? The show was also pegged as a dance show, but I think there was really only six minutes of dancing and really it was just the same step over and over again (the dancing was pretty intense though, so major credit to the dancers).

And then this happened?

A giant inflatable pool is above your head and people swim around and bang on it so the water flies all around. And finally, there is a chance you will get sprayed with a hose. I didn't because I was toward the back, but if you are in the front you've been warned.

Conclusion: I didn't like it. It took me two months to decide but I definitely didn't like it. It is an experience, though so maybe I would reccommend it, but only if you get a Groupon like we did. Love me a Groupon!

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