26th Birthday Part One

Those of you who know me, know that I don't really like my birthday. I think its a lot of pressure for a fun day. In order to remedy this, I decided this year to have a low-key birthday barbecue in our backyard. But then it rained all last week and the weather predictor on my iPhone told me that there was a 60% chance of "intense thunderstorms" on Saturday.

This weather report did nothing to reduce the birthday pressure. I was getting nervous just thinking about John cooking things on the grill in a downpour, with 20 drenched friends in our living room.

As such I preemptively cancelled the barbecue and told everyone we would reschedule. Of course though the weather was beautiful all day on Saturday and it didn't rain a drop. Typical.

One of the best things about being in a long term relationship is that (in our case) you get to the point where you just tell the other person what you want as a gift. Sure some of the romance is taken out of things, but its way less stressful for the gift giver and the gift receiver gets something they would never buy themselves (see below necklace). Another great thing is you can sometimes convince your partner to give you your gift a day early!

The final best thing about being in a long term relationship is that your partner believes in you regardless of how many times you have failed at something. For instance: keeping plants alive. John always buys me plants for special occasions and I love getting them! I vow "this will be the plant that lives forever!". Inevitably, its dead 12 days later. But he keeps getting them for me because he knows I love them for the 12 days they are alive and because maybe, just maybe, I won't be a terrible plant murderer this time.

Instead of a barbecue in our backyard, a few close friends took me out to dinner at a Greek restaurant in our neighborhood (thanks to Becca for planning!).

I got a brand new Tervis tumbler from Bridget and I was SO excited (everyone knows how much I love a travel mug!)

Ashley had to Google some of the dishes!

Highly recommended: Faros, 7th Avenue and Union. Get the fire cheese appetizer (seriously the cheese is on fire when it comes to your table) and the Sangria. You won't be sorry!

After dinner we walked over to People's Pops, which I've been meaning to try forever! The guy even gave me mine for free because someone said it was my birthday! I'm officially a fan. Though when I told my Mom that a Popsicle cost $3.50 she was appalled! Trendy Brooklyn, Mom...trendy Brooklyn.

Then we walked on over to Union Hall (Bridget and Matt had left for New Jersey at this point) and had a birthday drink. Best friends ever (seriously though how shiny are we? Mugginess please disappear!).

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