Very Important Questions for You

I woke up yesterday morning with the urge to organize. A nagging, urgent, need to organize everything immediately. This is not usually the way I usually wake up on Monday mornings.

This organizing kick totally supports my New Years goal of getting our house to look the way I want it to look (I maintain that Pinterest gives me unrealistic goals)! And so when I got to work, I organized the giant cabinet above my desk. I organized it like a boss.

My first very important question to you is: is this not the work cabinet of an insane person? Seriously how much water/coffee/tea could I drink in 8 to 10 hours that justifies this amount of accessories?

I kept the organizing kick going once I arrived home. I think I figured out the way for me to be productive after work is to not sit on the couch or eat dinner. Because once either of those things happens, I am done. I tricked myself by making a sweet potato in the oven that took a whole hour to cook! That is 60 minutes for me to accomplish things! My second very important question to you is: do any of you need to trick yourself into doing basic household chores? Being an adult is so hard!

The first step in organizing all of your kitchen cabinets is to accept that you have a problem. See evidence of problem below.

The second step in organizing all of your kitchen cabinets is to take everything out of the cabinets.

The final step is to put everything back in your cabinets BUT NOT EVERYTHING! Seriously, throw some shit out! For example stale pretzels or empty boxes of popcorn (SERIOUSLY John, I don't know if you're reading but EMPTY THINGS DO NOT GO BACK IN THE CABINET).

My final very important question to you is: why are cabinets so deep? Seriously I am only 5'2 and I have appropriately proportioned arms. I cannot reach all the way in the back of the cabinets! This is a waste of space cabinet designers! Fix it, please!

TADA! Organized kitchen cabinets! Also one of the most mundane posts I'v ever written?

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