Isn't This What You Do on A Saturday Night?

All in all, this weekend's wedding planning went better than expected!

John wants to be best friends with the priest who is marrying us AND I did not cry in our floral consultation on Sunday (she's sending us an estimate on Tuesday though, so let's see what happens).

What I would really like to share with you all though, is the fact that I am insane and my Mom enables my insanity. Backstory: I joined a group at work called the Naughty Knitters (SO dorky, right?). The basic premise is that they give us yarn and we make scarves and blankets for charitable organizations (I crochet not knit, because I have zero patience for the knitting). I'm making a baby blanket and I'd like it to be done by our next meeting this Friday (because I thrive under a self-imposed deadline for a hobby that is supposed to be relaxing). Needless to say, I was crocheting all weekend...see that pink think under all that crap? That's it!

Anyway, my Mom and I were sitting at the kitchen table on Saturday (because they are getting all new furniture and wood floors and there was nowhere else to sit) having a cup of tea and crocheting. Do do do crocheting along. Then I reached into my project bag to get my next skein of yarn and realized that I had a little bit of leftover teal yarn from the last scarf I made!

Obviously seeing this leftover yarn made me think making pom poms at 11:45 on a Saturday was a great idea! Because I saw them on Pinterest and they looked adorable. And my Mom didn't say "let's go to bed," she said "let me see those instructions, make sure you get the sharp scissors."

Before I knew it the kitchen table looked like this...

Perusers of Pinterest take note that if you use a regular size fork, the pom poms come out itty bitty. I would recommend using a serving fork or if your Mom is on board, her hand!

The blue one is the first one we did and it came out kind of pathetic. I love, love, love yarn pom poms and don't tell John but I might make thousands of them and put them everywhere in our home. Do you think he'll mind?

Also this weekend I had to sleep in my sister's room because there are new wood floors going in upstairs and my room was filled with everyone else's bedroom possessions (read: collectable Barbies all over my bed, thanks Alyssa). Because Alyssa's shelves were empty (read: naked of collectable Barbies), obviously I put Mim on them.

And with that, Happy Monday!

The End.

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