Park Slope Bingo Club: A Recap

BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT of Park Slope Bingo Club: you do not get paint pens. You get wood boards with pushover markers. Its a total bummer.

The people at Park Slope Bingo were also kind of a lot.

When I was in college there was a group of theater kids who would sing Rent songs in one of the dining halls.* Every day. Or it seemed like every day? Some days it was awesomely awesome. Like lunch time on a Wednesday when you soul needed a little Seasons of Love pick me up. There were other days though when it was not so awesome. Like when it was a Monday morning and all you wanted was an iced coffee and a waffle and the rendition of La Vie Boheme literally made you want to cry real tears. The people at Park Slope Bingo Club were very much like the dining hall singers. Especially since there was musical participation.

My advice to you is to be about one hundred times more drunk than we were. Then it will be totally hilarious and fun!

*If you happen to be one of the Rent singers and you're reading this please don't be offended. You guys were great a lot of the time, but some Mama Mia or Phantom of the Opera would have been great, too!

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