Here Are Some Pictures of Our Cats

I feel like we've been lacking cat pictures on the blog lately! So here you go, you're welcome.

This is Dilly on our kitchen stool. She thinks she's a person and wants to participate when we have friends over.

This is me and Mim after I accidentally drank three glasses of wine at Happy Hour last Friday and instantly got intoxicated (also the wine was $3.50 a glass, I love you New York). Obviously since John wasn't home when I got there, I took pictures with the cats instead. After I took out my contacts and put on my pajamas at 8:20PM. I have priorities, guys.

This is Dilly waiting for me after I took a shower last week. She's mad at me because I wouldn't let her in the bathroom. PRIVACY, Dilly. PRIVACY!

This is not Dilly or Mim. This is a crazy yarn cat that I saw at the Lion Brand Yarn Studio a few weeks ago. I love that place, but seriously Yarn Studio employees. This is a lot...even for me, a lover of cat and yarn.

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