Nemo Weekend and So Much Television!

This weekend was exactly perfect.

Do you ever have a weekend when you feel like if you were any more relaxed you might actually melt into a pile of sweatpants and slippers? That's how I felt this weekend.

I evacuated my office at 2:30 on Friday because the whole world was turning to ice? When I got home I  watched all of the episodes of 1600 Penn that are on Hulu (the whole season, its adorable and I highly recommend it) and then I accidentally took a two hour nap. When I woke up, John had carnitas made AND he was making guacamole. I attempted to help make it but then I cut my finger and gave up.

We watched the rest of the episodes of Homeland (holy good god car bomb SORRY SPOILERS!) and then we went to sleep!

On Saturday morning I made pancakes out of bananas (recipe to come)  while John shoveled the sidewalk and then we watched a million episodes of House of Cards. Do you watch? Ugh you must, it is fantastically wonderful. I crocheted a ton (two baby blankets, SO MANY BABIES) and then we went to Happy Hour and had friends over for dinner.

Sunday was grocery shopping and more House of Cards and crocheting and OH aren't we the most exciting couple in the world? We ate English muffin pizzas for two meals this weekend and for the first time in the entire eight months we've lived here we did not go out to eat! On Saturday OR Sunday! NOT EVEN BAGELS. Guys, it was a gigantically huge money conservation step for us. I was pretty impressed.

Also, we watched all 13 episodes of House of Cards. I'm a little embarrassed about it, but you must watch it immediately.

Happy Monday to YOU!

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