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One of my least favorite things about living in Brooklyn (after kids on scooters) is the grocery shopping. The stores are always crowded and John always wants to split up which I hate because he always forgets things and also I can never locate him after we leave each other to "get out of the store faster." Which inevitably means we are there longer and I am sweating upon our exit because I think he's been kidnapped. A grown man. Kidnapped. From a grocery store in Park Slope. In my head, we're instantly in the movie Taken, John is a victim of human trafficking and I am going to have to carry our groceries home alone.

The savior in this situation is not is not Liam Neeson but Fairway. A heavenly store located in Red Hook with a produce section that has grapes (WHERE ARE THE GRAPES PARK SLOPE GROCERY STORES) and prepared foods that you can take to your Aunts' house for the 4th of July of Labor Day! AND A PARKING LOT.

It was totally put out of business by Hurricane Sandy but AMEN BABY JESUS the store is opening again on Friday. I will buy a million grapes in celebration and also some buffalo chicken salad. But not this weekend because John and I have to go to Pennsylvania for Pre-Cana. More on that later.

Is new mulch not the smelliest thing in the world? I'm pretty positive my Mom told me she loves the smell of new mulch but it actually makes me want to vomit. Sorry if that's graphic, but seriously. It is the worst.

I left work last night and it was still light out! And the sun was shining beautifully even though it rained all day and made my hair ugly. Ignore my finger in the upper left corner, I was in a hurry.

My Mom is going to read this post and tell me I copped out because there are so many pictures and such little substance. You should know that Mim fell in her poop last night. That should get me off the hook for the lack of substance.

More meaty posts soon, I promise!

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