DIY Instagram Photo Magnets

Sometimes I feel like I all of my pictures (and memories) are trapped inside my phone. This results in not having enough photos in our house. I figured our refrigerator was as good a place to start as any!

I love, love, love Stickygrams but I think they are too tiny and also they are super expensive! I decided to try to make my own instead. Here's what you'll need to make your own!

1. The free app Printicular (and the pictures you get printed)
2. Cardstock
3. Glue stick (the super sticky kind)
4. Scissors
5.  Magnet tape

Let's talk about Printicular. Its fantastic! The prints are 4"x4" and they only cost 39 cents each and they print in less than one hour at Walgreens.

Pick up your pictures, cut your cardstock into 4"x4" pieces and glue it to the back of your pictures. Stick some magnet tape onto the back of those suckers and VOILA! Giant Instagram photo magnets!

The whole project cost me $17 and I got 22 magnets. I still have plenty of glue, cardstock and magnet tape left to make at least a dozen more (which I plan on making this week).

Happy crafting!

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