Midnight is Too Late & I Thought It Was a Monsoon?

Last night, I had to drive to Long Island to pick John up from work because he got a flat tire. Also his spare was flat. Seriously, who does that happen to? We didn't get home until midnight, which is too late for me generally let alone a night where I have to go to work the next day! I am old and almost murdered my alarm this morning.

Also I wore my rain boots to work today and totally did not need to. I thought that that fuzzy line on my iPhone weather meant monsoon, but my friend Mike informed me on Instagram that it means "steady winds that aren't too bad". I find those fuzzy lines to be misleading and also the wind is pretty bad outside, so I've been double lied to.

Finally, I am playing Bingo tonight in a bar. I hope very much that we get those serious Bingo playing paint pens. Wish me luck!

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