Wednesday Wonderings: On Toothbrushing

Guys, let's talk about a strange thing I have noticed in my neighborhood during my morning routine. Let me set the stage for you...

Its 6:30AM and I am out for a run. Or it was the summer time and it was 8:30AM and I was leaving my house for work. Or its now and its 7:15 and I'm leaving my house for work (ugh students). The constant here is that its the morning in Brooklyn and I am on the sidewalk, OK? And there are other people on the sidewalk too!

Garbage men, kids on scooters, babies in strollers, parents chasing kids on scooters or babies in strollers (my block is down hill, parents of Brooklyn, do not let go of the stroller to sip your coffee!). Sometimes the Con Ed truck is there with men inside of it though they never seem to come into my house to read my meter even though my landlord says that is supposed to happen? It doesn't? Anyway there are a lot of people out but the STRANGEST people are:

People who brush their teeth on the sidewalk WHILE walking their dog.

I can't even find you a picture of this because I feel weird about taking pictures of people who are*:
1. Strangers
2. Don't know they're being photographed
Also, when you Google "brushing teeth while walking dog" nothing comes up that really illustrates what happens on my sidewalk.

Here are my questions for dog walking teeth brush-ers
1. I've never seen any of you spit and/or rinse on the street. ARE YOU SWALLOWING A MOTH FULL OF TOOTHPASTE?
2. This is very obviously morning routine for a lot of you as I see you on the regular and not a "holy crap I woke up so late and I have to multitask to arrive at the office with fresh breath and ensure that my dog doesn't pee/poop all over the house while I am gone" situation.
3. Can you please stop? I like this situation LESS than I like the amount of scooters in my neighborhood, (which is a lot).

To end: sinks are for teeth brushing and sidewalks are for dog walking, please and thank you. 

*I think this weirdness I feel is a good thing and indicates that my desire to include photos in my posts has NOT made me a creeper.

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  1. Just found ur blog thru Nat the fat rat. This post made me laugh!