New Beginnings

I can't really write too much today friends, because today is the start of a new semester! The past two weeks at work have been totally nuts, in a beginning of the year kind of way. Not bad nuts, just busy.

One of the byproducts of this nuttiness is a messy desk, which makes me generally unhappy.

But on Friday before I left for a lovely labor day, everything was finished! My students were all set, my desk was clean, and I started a new page on my desk calendar. I love the start of the new semester and I love even more that I'm not actually starting classes. I do get to teach again this semester though, which I'm super excited about. And maybe next year I'll be starting classes again? Who knows but for now after my first class session tonight I am going home and watching television. Not doing homework or readings or papers.

Happy first day of the semester to me! And you and you and you!

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