One Year with Dilly

Dear Dilly,

Last week, in the midst of my beginning of the year blogging hiatus we celebrated your Adoption Day!

You're the first real pet I've had (by real I mean not a hermit crab or a fish that lived in my bathroom) and you have totally made me a cat lady. I'm not even upset about it.

You are so snuggly and you sleep on funny things! You let me and Fiance do funny things with you (like put a fleece neck warmer around your belly like a cat sweater) and sometimes you roll around like a worm!

You know when I am sad or stressed out and you snuggle me.

A year ago, I could only pick you up like a sack of flour...arms under belly, flip up body toward face, hold awkwardly. Now though, I pick you up no matter how you are laying or standing. I hold you like a baby (because you are my baby) and we dance around the living room while Fiance looks at us funny.

You are one special kitty cat. Everyone loves you, even our friends who don't like cats! I think you are even more special to us because you are the first living thing Fiance and I have ever taken care of together. He cleans your litter box (ew) and I feed you every morning. We lay on the couch and watch television, you try to steal my yarn when I crochet, you sit on Fiance's lap when he plays video games.

Dare I say it, Dilly Marie, I think you are the best thing that's ever happened to us. So much so that I will even try to forget the day we moved to Brooklyn and you pooped in your carrier and then laid in it. The poop, not your carrier.

We love you!

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