True Life: My Cat Wet the Cat Bed

On the day we adopted Dilly, we drove her home from Brooklyn in a carrier Fiance had ordered from Amazon (its awesome and has a strap that you can attach to the seatbelt so that they are safe!). She was a d-r-e-a-m in the car. I even thought she may have enjoyed it.

Fast forward to every time we have taken her on a trip post September...she cries the entire way. When Fiance took her to Albany for Thanksgiving, he bought her a pheromone collar which, according to every cat blog on the internet, should have calmed her down. It did not and she cried for four whole hours each way (granted, she was laying down and dozing, too so I'm not sure that it was too traumatic).

Yesterday in the car, we hit a new milestone in kitty mama-hood...she peed in her cat bed, which was in her (very safe) cat carrier. Traumatic? You betcha.

She was whiny most of the way and then around New Jersey, started digging at the bottom of her carrier. I should have realized that she had to tinkle, but alas I kept driving and she kept meowing/digging.

We arrived at my parents' house and I picked her up out of her carrier and BAM wet butt, wet cat bed, PEE ON MY HANDS.

Up to my parents bathroom she went to be wiped down with baby wipes and sprayed with a bottle of water. She was a pretty good sport about it. And my mom even washed her cat bed in the washing machine (thanks, Mom/cat Nanny)!

Then, because her entire belly and her bottom half was wet, I wrapped her up like baby Jesus and snuggled her until she was calmed down. How much does it look like she loves to snuggle (the answer in this picture is ummm not at all).

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