New Years Resolutions 2012

Fiance and I are leaving for Puerto Rico at 5am the morning of the 27th and we'll be away (with no internet) until the 2nd. Since I'll be away for the start of 2012 I figured I'd share my New Years Resolutions with all of you now!

1. Wear pants as little as possible. This is the fourth or fifth year that this has been my resolution and I love it every year. I ummm just don't like pants. So (in the comfort of my own home) I don't wear them! I really think everyone should adopt this resolution...its awesome unless there are guests in the home (then it can get awkward) or its a very cold winter night.

2. Read 100 books.
I've read 30 since my graduation in May, so 100 may be a big leap, but I figure its worth a shot. Top on my list for 2012? Steve Martin's An Object of Beauty, anything Jonathan Tropper, Pope Joan by Donna Woolfolk Cross and David Wallace Forster's unfinished novel The Pale King. I'm thinking a review of each book here will be a good motivator!

3. Crochet more.
I would like to finally figure out how to make granny squares to make a big living room blanket for me and Fiance. And I'd like to make at least 100 7"x9" squares for Warm Up America to mail to them in December.

So, lets review. No pants, read 100 books, crochet more. I basically could have resolved to "be an 85 years old woman". SO I present to you: Resolution #4...

4. PLAN OUR WEDDING. This is the biggie of 2012. Step one: pick a venue and a date. Step two: plan everything else...colors, flowers, cake, tuxes and the most important question I have thus far: balloons on the ceiling? Tacky? Or awesome? We are getting married and 2012 is hereafter known as The Year of Planning.

What are your New Years Resolutions? I'd love to hear them, and if you include a picture and/or a blurb about yourself, I'd love to include them here! Happy 2012!

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