Reasons to Love New York Right Now

Last night I arrived home to my copy of New York Magazine's Annual "Reasons to Love New York Right Now" edition. This year's is great and includes goodies like "Louis and John finally get hitched after 64 years together," "Alec Baldwin Wants to be Mayor," and "Our Governor is Effective."

As I was laying in bed reading (with Dilly on my belly...really hindering effective reading) I started thinking about all the reasons I love New York. The last time I lived here (two years ago to attend grad school part one) I was pretty cranky about basically everything. The parking. The subway. My commute. The people on the street. In retrospect, I think I was just generally surrounded by a cloud of malaise that year, because I find myself liking New York more and more every day this time around. Do I want to raise a baby in the East Village? Hell no. But that doesn't mean I can't see the good (and the funny) that this city has to offer.

So behold! A weekly feature on this blog...Reasons to Love New York Right Now!

Reasons to Love New York Right Now Week One: Last night in Penn Station I saw a woman bird calling to her man friend across the station. Seriously. There I was, waiting for my train minding my own business when a woman runs past me and into the little tunnel that leads to the A C E. All of a sudden, she pokes her head around the corner, puts her hands to her mouth like you would do when you shout, and she...whistles. And I don't mean like you would do at a baseball game or to hail a cab or what you would do when a hottie walks past you. I mean she whistled like a bird. And she made a strange Snow White like face and then BAM she was gone behind the corner of the tunnel.

About 40 feet away, a man was looking around as though he had heard the whistle. I need you to know that it was not quiet in Penn Station last night. The Salvation Army woman with the bell brought a boom box with her yesterday that was blasting holiday tunes. And there seemed to be 9 million people with rolling suitcases (and we all know how I feel about those). Despite the insanity provoking noise this man had heard the crazy bird whistle and was spinning around trying to decipher where it came from. And then? BAM crazy bird lady emerges from corner and whistles AGAIN. And again the man is spinning around in the circle looking confused. This went on for I kid you not almost ten minutes. Every time I wanted to yell "HEY MISTER, she's over here!" but I didn't want to ruin the magic of whatever the hell this was. So I didn't. Then my train came, and I ran down the steps to the platform with a lot of other crazy commuters. Did these people know each other? Were they in love? Were they on a strange bird calling, nature loving blind date? Or were they just two crazies? I don't think I will ever know.

But I do know, that this week's Reasons to Love New York Right Now was brought to you by the crazy bird people in Penn Station. Happy Holidays to them!

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