Bull Riding at Madison Square Garden?

Last night, I received an email from a friend of mine from college. Well, kind of from college but that's another story. Anyway, the email included the following lines:

"Howdy y'all,
Bull riding is in town again at MSG, January 6th. Let me know if you
are in and I'll get the tickets on Monday".

I was more than confused, so I typed out this response from my crappy Android phone (MAY UPGRADE WHERE ARE YOU?):

"Dearest (insert name here to maintain friend's anonymity to blog-o-sphere),

I'm sorry but I'm not quite sure I understand. Do you mean, "There will be a mechanical bull in MSG that we can ride (while drinking beer, I'm assuming?)"? Or do you mean "There will be real live bulls for you to ride at MSG"? OR do you mean that "Professionals will be riding bulls in MSG for our entertainment" (ie: do you mean a rodeo?)?


PS: What do you mean be "again"? Do you and your friends partake in this activity annually?"

I was real confused until said friend replied with this information:

"It is the third option, professionals riding real bulls. It's called PBR. They hate when you call it the rodeo. Haha...It's a great time".

OK seriously. They get upset if you call it the rodeo. I didn't really believe him (not that he's a dishonest guy) until I just Googled "Bull riding at Madison Square Garden". TELL ME that these photos do not look like IT IS THE RODEO?

Unfortunately, I will not be attending this year as I already have dinner plans for the 6th. But Professional Bull Riding 2013, I will be there.

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