Merry Christmas to YOU

Hello there!

This Christmas was a little bit mopey around our parts, but we sure did try to do it up right (my Mom and Dad especially) and I think that all in all, we're making it through just fine. Better than fine, I'd wager.

After an evening of fried shrimp in Brooklyn last night and present opening and breakfast this morning, we're waiting for our company to arrive. Dilly is in cat jail (read: my bedroom) because my Mom's allergies went nutso on Friday afternoon. My Dad is slicing cheese and dried sausage like its his job, and I'm sitting at the kitchen table playing with probably my favorite 2012 planner. And by playing I mean filling it out with the new Sharpie pens that Santa got me for this very purpose! That Santa man, he sure knows what's up.

I hope that you're Christmas is both merry and bright! I know ours is.

Seriously the best planner ever.

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  1. So glad I use an electronic calendar...Half of 2012 is planned already, and I have things on the calendar for 2013. #lifeofamusician