Kitties Really Do Love Yarn

Last night, fiance and I ate tacos for dinner and then resumed our positions on the couch to finish episodes 16-22 of How I Met Your Mother's 6th season (we watched 1-16 yesterday). I really had to get a move on a blanket that I'm making so I grabbed my needle and yarn and resumed my stitches...for about six seconds until Dilly realized what was happening, jumped up next to me on the couch, and went to town on my yarn. Wholly unhelpful for crocheting.

Luckily, Dilly is still recovering from her eye infection slash is the still the laziest cat ever so her interest didn't last long. Just long enough to make me lose interest in crocheting and prove that cats do in fact love yarn.

PS: In an attempt to be a super duper proactive blogger, I wrote this post last night at about 10pm with the intention of publishing it this morning. Last night after I lost interest in crocheting, I put my yarn on the table (next to a half full glass of Crystal Light), picked Dilly up, and went to bed. At 4:00am, Fiance and I woke up to a bang. Dilly was not on the bed. We went downstairs to see what had happened and surprise! Her love for yarn was thus proven again. Dilly (in her still recovering state) had jumped on the table and knocked the glass (and its contents) to the ground in an attempt to play with the yarn that is attached to the blanket. Fiance and I mopped the floor at 4:30am, which in case you were wondering is way too early to do any chores...let alone one that requires a bucket.

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