Life Lately...

I'm still here!

The past two months have been filled with lots of love and lots of challenges. Here's a quick summary of some things that have been going on!

On February 8th, we had to put Mim to sleep. After a not very promising vet visit a few weeks ago, that Thursday night I had to take Mim to an emergency vet visit. The vet told us she had a pretty terrible bladder infection and that this was the first in what would be many infections that she would get as she continued to decline. We decided that we had loved on her as much as we could and that she was just too sick. John came home from work early, and we said our goodbyes. It was terrible, but we have peace knowing that we did as much as we could. We miss her so much, but she taught us so much about loving someone that isn't yourself, and she gave us so much joy.

I cut off all of my hair. I think I love it but I think that I want it a little bit longer in the front?

I have started grocery shopping at Trader Joe's! I have to take the groceries on the subway regardless of which location I go to (Union Square or Brooklyn) and I have gotten pretty good! I can condense all of my purchases into two bags and I can carry them all the way home. I am a full blown New Yorker!

I'm also having a love affair with flowers. Becca and Shannon bought us these Mim colored beauties the day after we put her to sleep (and after they ran to the vet the night before) and I kept them alive for more than a week! I was pretty impressed with myself and am now buying flowers all the time because they make our house so happy!

Also, it has been snowing FOREVER in NYC and now its going to snow again TOMORROW! I know that I basically complain all summer about the heat, but seriously this winter is killing me. I just want to wear a pair of flats with no socks. I don't think that is a lot to ask!

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