Our Weekend in Pictures...

This weekend was so great!

Saturday involved a haircut (for me, not John) a trip to Trader Joe's and dinner at my Grandmother's house with my parents and sister.

Saturday night, John and I took a harrowing drive to Queens (seriously the pot holes in this city are intense these days) for frozen yogurt and a drink with some of our friends. Our walk home from the bar took us past this somewhat creepy leather chair.

Yesterday I spent all day with cats that are available for adoption! Are you in the market for a cat or kitten? WELL go to this website and see the cats (and dogs) that K9Kastle has available.

John came to visit me a few hours before my shift was over and I introduced him to all of the cats and he didn't even flinch at their cuteness. I however basically exploded every time I pet one of these cats. That picture is of Ray, an 8 year old kitty girl who is blind and has asthma. I would have convinced John to take her home were it not for her asthma. Because my husband has asthma and that is enough for one house. We're also both still dealing with how things turned out with Mim and think that when we finally are ready for a new kitty cat family member, she will need to not have a chronic health condition.

Even if you're not looking to adopt a pet, you can come visit them or me on Sundays at PetCo Unleashed in Brooklyn..I think I'm going to be a regular volunteer!

Hope your weekend was lovely! Happy Monday!

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