Later Losers!

ANNOUNCEMENT! American Apparel lets you print anything you want on their tshirts. BIGGER ANNOUNCEMENT! There is an employee there to help you do it. BIGGEST ANNOUNCEMENT! You can even print on their dog tshirts. Yup I said it. Dog tshirts.

Did you know that Holly talks? Well, Alyssa talks in her voice, but she has been known to have full on conversations with all members of our family and guests. She even has catch phrases! For a while, she was saying "I do what I want!" whenever she did something naughty (i.e. poops on the floor, begs for food, digs on the couch, humps her puppy cousins).

Recently though, whenever she walks out of a room we're all in she says "Later Losers!". I know this entire post is insane, but the entire Holly dialogue kills us as a family. We laugh at it constantly, every time she says something!

When I went to American Apparel to get some Christmas presents and I saw the puppy tshirt.

And then I spent 40 minutes with the college student who worked the tshirt station to format Holly's shirt jussssst so. I gave it to her the day before Christmas Eve, basically as soon as John and I got to my parents' house because I just couldn't take the anticipation.

And wouldn't you know it, Holly loves to be dressed like a human. She wore that shirt for basically the entirety of Christmas, and if you asked her "Holly, want to put your shirt on?" she ran right over and picked up her front paws. She is a genius.

I anticipate Holly getting a full wardrobe, even though my Mom tells me that dog clothes are "too expensive". Whatever, Mom! I have at least two pairs of flats that cost more than $100, and those don't even have my catch phrase on them! Side note: do I have a catch phrase?

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