There is Nothing Worse than Cats in the Summer

Seriously, cats go through a terrible transformation in the summer.

When it is not the summer, this is what cats are like.

They are super cozy and adorable.

They shed sometimes, but its pretty manageable with a vacuum cleaner and some vigorous petting to dislodge any fur that has to come out (you then vacuum it up).

But then it starts to get a tad bit warm and a little bit muggy and BAM cat shedding becomes TOO MUCH and your home looks like you have 100 cats with baldness issues and not two slightly handicapped ones.

Am I right cat owners? Your cats are basically leaving a wake of their own fur anywhere they walk (or in Mim's case, pull themselves).

Thankfully when we first got Dilly my Aunts, (Dilly's great Aunts) sent us a Furminator. Do you know it? Its way more money than a cat brush should be (one of the reasons we can't thank them enough for it) but seriously it is a miracle product.

Here's what happens. You brush your cat the slightly intimidating tool. If you're Dilly's Mom, you chase her around the downstairs of your house while she runs away from you and brush her when you catch up to her. The brush totally takes out their undercoat which is a thing I didn't even know cats had until Dilly came to live with us.

Cat shedding maitenence is especially important if you live with someone who has cat allergies. THAT'S RIGHT, FOLKS. John is allergic to cats. And we have TWO. And he's the one who wanted them. I know, the man loves cats...he's even getting allergy shots, but allergy shots are no match for cats in the summer.

This is what you get after 20 minutes of Furminating. Its disgusting but it is totally worth it.

I just proof read this post and realized it sounds like a sponsored post. The Furminator in no way sponsored this post. That is how much of a crazy cat lady I am. You're welcome, Furminator.

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